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1 Sexual infrastructure

2 The Internet and Marijuana

3 Who are they, this Cult of Male

4 Dostinex and libido

5 How does one become a member in the Cult of Male

6 Tongkat ali or cheap shit

7 False rape accusations

8 The liquid tongkat ali joke

9 Anti-male legal bias

10 Con artist tricks in the tongkat ali retail trade

11 The art of being perfect

12 Why you should not believe eBay feedback

13 The idea of a gentle death

14 Tongkat ali scam with forged and irrelevant government licenses

15 The metaphysics of sex

16 How to avoid the bromocriptine nausea

17 The other "eternal" life

18 Dostinex in context

19 The purpose of the Cult of Male

20 Why Western culture needs marijuana


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